Product List

We offer a wide range of quality feed and grain.

Below is a list of the items we floor stock, exceptions noted with an asterisk.


We are an ADM feed dealer, and can order many of their products, should you need something more specialized than what we stock. If this is something you are interested in we just need notice.


 We also do custom mixing. We would be happy to discuss your needs, and mix a feed to meet them.

(1000lb minimum required for custom mixes)


***Product pricing is updated weekly*** 


Amino Plus

Candy Meal

Clipped and Cleaned Oats

Coarse  Cracked Corn

Corn Gluten Meal

Crimped Oats

Distiller Grains

Flaked Toasted Barley

Flaked Toasted Corn

Flaked Toasted Soybeans

Ground Corn

Ground Soybeans

Premium Soy Bypass Meal

Shelled Corn

Soybean Meal

Soy Hulls Plus Pellets


Wheat Middlings


Stock Dairy Mixes

14% Flaked Pelleted Cattle 

38% Dairy Concentrate Meal

Calf Feeds

22% Sensenig's Select Calf Starter (textured)

18% Sensenig's Select Calf Grower (textured)

22% Sweet Unique Calf Starter Pellets

18% Sweet Unique Calf Grower Pellets

Calf Milk Replacers

Colostrum Replacer

22/20 Sensenig's Milk Replacer

22/20 Nursetrate Classic Milk Replacer

Horse Feeds

Sensenig's Original 12% Horse Feed

Sensenig's "Econo" 12% Horse Feed

Sensenig's Hi-Fat 12% Horse Feed

Patriot Senior Horse Pellets

Patriot Junior Horse Pellets*

PowerGlo Horse Feed *

PrimeGlo Horse Feed

SeniorGlo Horse Feed

JuniorGlo Horse Feed

Horse Supplements

Horse Concentrate Pellets

32% Mare and Foal Concentrate

Stabilized Rice Bran Meal

Shredded Beet Pulp with Molasses

HealthyGlo Nuggets

MoorGlo Horse Pellets

Grostrong Mineral Meal

Grostrong Mineral Solid Block

Grostrong Metabolic Mineral

Grostrong 33 Ration Balancer *

20% Pro-Vita Tubs - 100 lbs.

Forage First GS for Gut Health

Forage First ACES

Forage First Inside Tract

Forage First Summer Care Pellet

Forage First Summer Care 100 lb Tub

Forage First Integrity Hoof & Joint

Forage First Apple Flavored Horse Rewards

Wheat Germ Oil


Pig Feeds

ADM 18% Pig Starter Pellets

14.5% Hog Grower Meal

12% Hog Finisher Meal

ADM Pigmaster Mineral


Dairy Nutritional Aids

AminoBoost Topdress Pellets

Citrus Blend Pellets

Forage Extender Pellets

Hi-Peak Top Dress


Dairy Additives

A.D.E. Pak 




Breeder Boost

Deccox Pak

Diatomaceous Earth

Epsom Salt

Gut Check

IGR Cattle Mix

IGR Concentrate


Magnesium Oxide



Rumenext - D

RuMixer R - 4000

Safeguard Dewormer

Sodium Bicarbonate

Stimerall - P

Thermal Care R

Ultra One (Direct Fed Microbials)

Dairy Minerals

Fortress Lactation 2:1 Mineral

Fortress Lactation 1:1 Mineral

Sensenig's Dairy TMV

Dry Cow Feeds

16% Dry Cow Balancer

36% Dry Cow Concentrate

Transition Starter Pak

Dry Cow Mineral

DCAD Complete (Pre-Fresh)

Pre-Fresh Supplement

Heifer Feeds

16% Heifer Complete

16% Heifer One Shot

40% Heifer Concentrate Pellets/Meal

Heifer Mineral w/ Bovatec

16% Heifer Mineral Tub

Forage Products

Ecosyl Dry
Ecosyl Water Soluble

EcoCOOL Dry w/ Buchneri

EcoCOOL Water Soluble w/ Buchneri

Hay Guard (propionic acid)

Steer Feeds

40% Steer Concentrate Meal

Sensenig's 14% Flaked Pelleted Cattle

ADM Beef-Trate BT


Poultry Feeds

Chick Starter Crumbles

COR Layer Concentrate

Layer Mash/Crumble/Pellets

Oyster Shells

Pullet Builder

Scratch Feed

Turkey Starter Crumbles

Turkey Grower Pellets


Goats eating 1.jpg
Sheep/Goat Feeds

16% Texturized Sheep Feed Mix

18% Lamb Grower Pellets

21% Lamb Creep Pellets

ADM Sheep Mineral

22% Sheep Mineral Block

21% Sheep Mineral Tub - 125 lbs.

16% Meat Goat Pellets

16% Dairy Goat Pellets

ADM Goat Power Mineral

22% Goat Power Mineral Block

21% Goat Mineral Tub - 125 lbs.

Miscellaneous Pet Feeds

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Deer and Elk Concentrate Pellets

Economy Blend Bird Seed

Pen Pals Rabbit Pellets

Pen Pals Guinea Pig Pellets

Proud Paws Hi-Pro Dog Food

Proud Paws Performance Dog Food

Proud Paws Ultra Select Dog Food

Proud Paws Cat and Kitten Food

Rack Plus Deer/Buck Cold Pellets

TraceMax Fawn Starter


* Products with an asterisk are not stocked but are available by special order from ADM with additional time needed for shipping.