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Sheep and Goat Products

if there is something specific you are looking for and you don't see it listed please give us a call.
We offer custom mixes with a minimum 1000 lb order


sENSENIG'S textured sheep FEED

50 lb. TEXTURED Mix

Protein 16%, Fat 2.5 %

Fed to lambs from 4 months of age and up.

ADM Lamb Creep Pellets

50 lb. pellet

Protein 21%, Fat 3.5 %

Design to be fed as sole ration to starting lambs.

ADM Lamb Grower Pellets

50 lb. pellet

Protein 18%, Fat 1%

Design to be fed as sole ration to growing lambs from weaning to 45-60 lbs body weight.

3:1 Sheep mineral

50 lb.

Vitamin and Mineral supplement for growing and lactating sheep. For free choice feeding (Do not offer any additional salt sources.) Consumption should be 2 oz. per head per day. Can also be used to make complete feeds.

ADM 22% sheep red block

33.3 lb. block

Protein 22%, Fat 1.5%

Designed to be self-fed to grazing sheep or sheep fed all roughage rations.

ADM sheep & Goat tub

125 lb. tub

Protein 21%, Fat 2.5%

Protein, vitamin, mineral supplement in a tub designed to be fed free-choice to sheep and goats. Can be set out in field and endure weather.

ADM Meat Goat Power

50 lb. pellets

Protein 16 %, Fat 2%

Designed to be fed to goats weaned and older. (not suitable for pygmy goats,angora goats, or sheep)

ADM Dairy Goat Power

50 lb. pellets

Protein 16 %, Fat 2%

Designed to be fed to milking goats.


2:1 Goat Mineral

50 lb.

Vitamin and mineral supplement for goats. Feed at a rate of 2 oz per head per day or mix into complete feed. * this product contains added copper


ADM ShowTec feeds and supplements not listed 

may be available upon request

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