Pick Up Policies and Details

Bag Pick Up Discounts:

Pick up orders of 1 ton and above- $10.00 off per ton

Pick up orders of 2 ton and above- $12.50 off per ton

Pick up orders of 3 ton and above- $15.00 off per ton

Bulk or loose feeds can be picked up here at the mill, HOWEVER please call ahead to ensure your truck can accommodate our loading system. 

We do not handle totes or large feed sacks.

Custom Mixing Policies

There is a 1000 lb. minimum to have a custom mix made and we must have a minimum of 1 full day notice to accommodate your pick up time.

Due to limited storage space in our warehouse, we do enforce a $10/day storage charge if you do not pick up your custom mix on the day you order it for. 

Delivery Policies

We are not licensed to deliver out of the state of PA. We do deliver to the South Central PA region, so if you have questions regarding delivery, please call our office.

If you are located in our regular delivery areas, there is a $10 delivery charge for orders from 500 lbs. to 999lbs.

Orders totaling over 1000 lbs. do not have a delivery charge.